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Dr. Brad Walker, Founder of Hitland Ministries

Dr Brad Walker

Dr. Brad Walker is founder & driving visionary of Hitland Ministries. He models "street smart" evangelism that is contagious, and invites the Christian to step up to the challenge! As a servant/leader, he is committed to being part of the solution instead of casually accepting the "status quo".

Dr. Walker is a profound teacher, motivational speaker, event planner/overseer, and community organizer. He is equipping Kingdom and marketplace leaders to impact their communities with the "Go Ye" call of the Great Commission.

Dr. Walker also maintains a full time Dental practice. This gives him a unique platform to reach into the church world and the business world at the same time. He considers dentistry to be his "tent making" and never misses a chance to blend a message that appeals to all audiences.

Dr. Walker and his wife Crystal are raising their two children in San Jose, California.


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