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Neighborhood Hope Dealer

Helping Others Prosper Eternally

“Hitland Ministries” has partnered with “Neighborhood Hope Dealers” as we bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the world and the incarcerated. This vital ministry brings a dynamic message inside Juvenile hall and prison to transform men and women with the message of hope in Jesus Christ. We call our prison “inreach” “Music behind the walls” or MBTW”. The street ministry is called Neighborhood Hope Dealers.

We have met on the street corners of inner-city troubled neighborhoods and have been recognized by city fathers and police departments as Jesus impacts and changes everyone that receives the ministry. Gang “shot callers” and police alike invite and welcome our presence as crime in each city drops by as much as 85%. City fathers are now seeking out our members to serve in official city positions as we transform theses neighborhoods in JESUS name. Contact Hitland Ministries for more information.

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