Hitland Christian Ministries

Paradigm: True Kingdom Ministry

Over the years, Hitland Ministries has diligently pursued the Holy Spirit’s guidance in directing and developing its model of ministry. This process has been powerfully transformative, and brutally painful. We continue to undergo intense spiritual surgery to remove un-Godly understandings of what it means to be a “Disciple of Christ” and what it means to take part in “True Kingdom Ministry”.

As a result, we are re-thinking the concept of the institutional organization that we commonly call "church". We have been awakened, and are seeking after the truth and the Kingdom value of “one body in Christ and individually we are members belonging to one another” (Romans 12:5).


Unfortunately, the answers to many of the questions we are asked are not always easy to give in a brief summary statement. That is why we have developed the following list of resource materials to help explain our own transformation process. We hope this will help answer some of your questions; and more than anything, stir you up for revolution in your own spiritual journey.




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